Sunday, 8 September 2013

Old film developed. How it started.

It all started with a few rolls of undeveloped film that I have had in a cupboard for over 10 years.

I stopped using film when I bought a Digital Nikon D90 and sold my Nikon F3 and Nikon F4 film cameras. For a few years now I have had a growing yearning for something analogue. I bought a Leica M8 as it is the most basic film-like camera I could find with a decent resolution. Manual focus. I love the M8 but it is somehow too precious and doesn’t have the romance or smell of film. I love sniffing the inside of a film canister.

So, I sent the films off to Snappy Snaps in Ashford, Kent to get developed and printed. They also stuck them on a CD for me which means I can post a few on here.

I think it’s a Ford Orion. I have no idea where it was taken. The film is Kodak T-Max 400
From the same roll this is a photograph of the now closed Fruit and Veg Shop in Folkestone

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