Wednesday, 11 September 2013

Nikon F2 first film developed.

Got my first roll of film back from the developers in London yesterday. It’s a roll of Ilford HP5 PLUS pushed to 800 ISO from 400. The camera seems mostly to be fine. The pics are exposed well (except for the ones where I forgot to adjust the camera when changing filters). Unfortunately there are a couple of issues.
1. The mirror damper is disintegrating and the bits are getting on to the shutter and then on to the film.
2. The DP 1 finder is not reading the apertures correctly from the lens. This doesn’t seem to impact on the exposure but it’s annoying having to look at the lens all the time to check. I don’t know if it’s the lens or the head that’s out.

I am taking it back today to get looked at. They can fix it or refund me. We’ll see what happens.

Meanwhile here’s the highlights from the first film I have shot in over 10 years:

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